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Welcome to this weeks edition of our newsletter. This year is going to be an exciting year for us. We will be sharing more and there will be more opportunities for you to explore new levels of self awareness without judgement or criticism from those who don’t what you to change.

Ask Cindy
I am recently divorced and have remained friends with my ex-husband. Sometimes, I feel this overwhelming anger towards him, especially because I could not afford to keep our family home and constantly compare my apartment to the beautiful home I once owned. Other times, I will go out to breakfast with him as a friend just to talk. I don’t hate him. What are your thoughts on this?
Tammy in Colorado

Tammy,  I commend you for remaining friends with your ex. However, I would have to question the level of your friendship. I have found that when a woman wants to remain “friends” with her ex there are usually underlying factors. Do you want to reconcile? Are you holding on to him as a security blanket? What about him are you holding onto that you are afraid to let go of?

If you friends for the children’s sake, that is a good thing. But, your conversations should revolve around the children and parenting issues, not the latest gossip in the office you work in.

As for the anger, you blame him for losing the house – otherwise you wouldn’t have these emotions. You feel angry because you believe he should be punished somehow. Blaming someone means you are not taking responsibility for your own feelings. You are not accepting the reality – you lost your home. It was nice why you have it but now you don’t. You are wanting something that is in the past, rather than being grateful for what you have in the present.

Every morning when you wake up think of 5 things you can be grateful for, with at least one of them being related to your current home. Examine your feelings of your anger and the reasons why you want to remain friends with your ex.

Take care and wishing you all the best!


Featured Article – How Harmful is Divorce on Children?

Some divorce critics state that a couple should never get a divorce because of the detrimental effects it has on children. There are organizations trying to pass laws that a couple cannot get a divorce until they have one year of counseling – at their own expense. Though a law like this might decrease the divorce rate, it probably would not prevent couples from separating. Children will have the same effects rather their parents separate or divorce.Other specialists say that the stress of a divorce on a child is less detrimental than constantly watching their parents argue or witnessing physical abuse or substance abuse.

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