Letting Go of Anger After Divorce

It was exactly one-week after my mom died, I sat in a restaurant with my husband of 15 years, Earl. I was distraught, still thinking of the sudden and unexpected death of my mom that just ripped through my heart. Earl and I were having a squabble, when he looked at me straight in the eye and said … [Read more...]

Should There Be Lifetime Alimony?

In recent months there appears to be a heated debate on and off line regarding Florida's proposed new alimony laws. The Official Site of Florida Alimony Reform as well as many media sources point to a video featuring a retired doctor, Michael Morgan who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease … [Read more...]

Parenting Tips for Divorced Women

All of a sudden you are a single mom! You wonder how you are going to do it all and how to best support your kids during this major transition in all of your lives. There are a few things that you can do to lessen the blow to your children, therefore making your life a little less stressful. Here … [Read more...]

Stop Letting Your Ex Push Your Buttons

Does your ex have a habit of pushing your buttons?  Do you feel like you have to be right and react to the buttons? Are you ready to stop letting your ex push your buttons? The truth is that both you and your ex have fallen into a habitual routine. He says or does something - out of habit. You … [Read more...]

How Harmful is Divorce on Children?

Some divorce critics state that a couple should never get a divorce because of the detrimental effects it has on children. There are organizations trying to pass laws that a couple cannot get a divorce until they have one year of counseling - at their own expense. Though a law like this might … [Read more...]

Rejected By My Church

Before my divorce, I was very active in a non-denominational church. I taught Sunday School, was in charge of the girls group (similar to Girl Scouts) and actively involved with the women’s group. My ex rarely – if ever attended church. I believed the women I attended church with were very … [Read more...]