Before You Choose to NOT Forgive: Consider …

Growing up, I always thought that Aunt June was a very angry person. She never seemed to like Uncle Joe much. She constantly criticized him. They never seemed to spend any quality time together. My mom always said that Aunt June was going to leave Uncle Joe as soon as the kids … [Read more...]

Ask Cindy: I Want His Past to be Exposed - Any advice?

I just found out that my ex is getting remarried.  It has been two years since our divorce was final.  In this time he has introduced our 4 year old to 8 different women, the current one has been around at most six months. My ex is a serial cheater and a sex addict.  I have never … [Read more...]

Spring for that Ticket!


Guest Post    By Jean Sibley I boarded the plane the evening of my birthday, May 18. Though I barely slept on the red-eye from San Francisco, I woke up feeling ecstatic - and just in time to watch a glorious sunrise over the Atlantic. I had never been to New York, and … [Read more...]