Break Free From Emotional Chains

Here in the United States we are about to observe Independence Day. It is a time to reflect on our freedom as we celebrate with fireworks and barbeques. Claim your personal freedom by breaking free from the emotional chains that you are bound to. Choose to view your divorce as a gateway to … [Read more...]

That Dreadful Sunday Morning

I can remember that dreadful Sunday morning just as if it was yesterday. The wounds have healed and I am a different person now then I was then. It was the beginning of what I call my three years of hell here on Earth. Pain that I wish no one would ever have to feel. I had planned to meet some … [Read more...]

The Emotional Death of Your Marriage

Many women state that deep down they knew their marriage was over long before a separation and a divorce. They did not want to believe it and grasped at everything and anything they could to save their marriage. Long before the words of divorce were spoken, you may have experienced one or more of … [Read more...]