Ex-Wife Pours Boiling Water Over Ex’s Head

This news story is a prime example of why it might be a bad idea to live with your ex ….

On a Saturday night in November 2011 Jesua Tatad of Daly City, California was charged with torture due to allegedly pouring a full pan of boiling hot water over her ex’s head while he slept. When he leaped out of bed screaming in pain she allegedly began beating him with a baseball bat. He is in very bad condition and has burns over 60 percent of his body. He is expected to live.

What happened to cause this woman to go to such extremes?


Tadad shared a home with her ex. They were divorced.  It’s interesting to wonder why they were sharing a home. Was she under the impression that they were reconciled? Were they sharing a home for the children (if there were any) or for monetary reasons?

Regardless of the reason, when she heard that he was dating another woman she went ballistic. She waited for him to get home from working the night shift and go to sleep. Once he slept she got up and intentionally boiled the water to pour over him.

The news story is unclear of how the man was able to receive help. It appears that he somehow managed to hobble outside and a security guard called an ambulance for him.

This is a very sad story of a woman who couldn’t let go and accept the end of her marriage. Even if she thought they were reconciling, taking her emotions to this level is unacceptable. She has ruined her own life and permanently scarred the man she supposedly loved.

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