Working with a Skilled Divorce Coach

Cindy Holbrook CDC, The Compassionate Divorce Coach

Cindy Holbrook is a skilled divorce coach that has been helping divorced women navigate the emotional roller-coaster associated with divorce for over 20 years. She has been featured on Huffington Post, eHarmony, YourTango, MSN Live and SelfGrowth.

Cindy got divorced after a 20-year emotionally abusive marriage. She personally identifies with the fears of starting over as well as grieving the loss of your marriage. After her divorce she cried herself to sleep each night. She was terrified of what the next day, week and year would bring.

You probably ask some of the same question as Cindy did:

  • Will I be able to support myself?
  • Would I ever find happiness again?
  • Would there ever be peace in my heart?
  • Would anyone ever love me?
  • Was I even worthy of being loved?
  • How can I create the next chapter in my life?

There are many benefits to working with a skilled divorce coach. They …

  • Deliver step by step guidance through your divorce
  • Aid you as you prepare for meetings with lawyers and other divorce professionals
  • Convey information regarding stages related to separation and divorce
  • Assist you as you transition into your new identity as a single person
  • Support you as you build confidence and self-esteem
  • Offer you emotional support as you sort through all of your emotions
  • Help you to gain clarity around what you want and need as you prepare for your future
  • Give you tips and techniques to establish boundaries
  • Are a sounding board when your spouse is playing games
  • Provide communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Work with you to discover strategies to communicate with your ex-spouse
  • Relay co-parenting strategies with you to determine which one is best for you
  • Guide you as you enter the dating scene and learn to trust again

Cindy is a certified divorce coach and has worked n social services and been a volunteer in domestic violence centers which  has given her a clear understanding of what women go through during divorce and how they can heal.

Your divorce is personal. It has brought out emotions that you may have never known existed within you. You might feel alone and lost. You may be terrified of your future and feel unworthy of being loved. You want to move forward and let go of the pain but are struggling to do so.

Each divorce is unique because each individual and marriage have different layers  of betrayal and communication breakdowns. The fastest way to heal from your divorce and move forward with confidence, clarity and courage is with the aid of a skilled divorce coach.

If you would like to have a conversation with Cindy to discuss your personal challenges and concerns, apply for a complimentary,  “Getting Unstuck” coaching session valued at $297. To be considered for this amazing gift Submit Your Request Now!

During the call we will:

  1. Identify what your ideal future looks like and how you can begin to create it.

  2. Identify the obstacles that are keeping you stuck and what you can do to blast through them.

  3. Identify a 3-Step plan for you to gain clarity, confidence and courage fo you to build a happy and peaceful life.

You’ll leave this session renewed, re-energized and inspired to turn your current situation around and how to find support that will propel you forward as you rebuild your life.

Here is what others have to say about Cindy …

I am not yet divorced but have been separated from my husband for 2yrs. Because of guilt, shame, and concern for my future-financial and emotional, I have been overwhelmed with “what-ifs” unable to move in any positive direction. Cindy had helped me deal with the overwhelming emotions and focus on the present moment. I have alot of work to do, but her inspiration, motivation, and ability to see the “real me” has reignited my passion to live my life on my terms.
Tina B, California

Cindy, I was so down and depressed and you have brought me up when I really needed it. You are super  sensitive to peoples pain and you care so passionately about the things that really matter in life. You are one of the most wonderful people I have met and wanted to say thank you for being a bright spot in my life and helping me to get past the pain and go on with my life.
Tracy H, Georgia

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the guidance you’ve given me. You’ve helped me through some of the roughest moments I’ve endured and taught me how to look beyond today, to see the life I want for myself. I have been working on visualizing my life exactly the way I want it, and I’ve noticed that I get closer to that vision every day. I never realized how many of my problems could be changed simply by my own actions and reactions. My kids are doing the things I want them to do, only because I know how to conduct myself in a manner that is pleasant to them and actually get results.
Sarah, Oklahoma

I have known Cindy for about 20 years.  She has helped me through 2 divorces and other crisis as life has chosen to dish out.  She is a wonderful and honest person.  I have poured my heart out to her on many occasion.  She listens with an open honest heart.  But, best of all she does not judge.  She is there when needed with a shoulder to cry on, kind words and encouragement on her lips and a heart full of love and compassion for everyone.    She offers words of wisdom and fairness.  She allows us to be honest not only to her but, with her guidance, to ourselves as well.  When done with the pain, sorrow and darkness, she leads us to find the light again.  Thank you Cindy for being there for me!
Elizabeth M. California

Apply for your complimentary,  “Getting Unstuck: Divorce with Confidence” coaching session, a gift for you that is valued at $297. today!  Submit Your Request Now!