Before You Choose to NOT Forgive: Consider …

Growing up, I always thought that Aunt June was a very angry person. She never seemed to like Uncle Joe much. She constantly criticized him. They never seemed to spend any quality time together. My mom always said that Aunt June was going to leave Uncle Joe as soon as the kids … [Read more...]

Do You Really Need a Man in Your Life to be Happy?

Do You Really Need a Man in Your Life to be Happy?

What images pop into your mind when you read the question above, Do you really need a Man in Your Life to be happy? You might think about the 1950’s and the picture of a mother standing over her daughter saying, “You’ll never find a husband, blah... blah... blah…” or worse off … [Read more...]

Ask Cindy: Am I An Evil Person?

Ask Cindy: Am I A Narcissist or an Evil Eerson?

How do I cope with knowing for sure that I made my once loving husband so unhappy that he had an affair with a friend of mine and left me? We divorced 3 years ago. I insisted on going to court because I was so angry and hurt. My lawyer got me the house, 40% of his pension and … [Read more...]