The Legal, Physical and Emotional Sides of Divorce

Have you ever said, "I can't wait for this divorce to be over so that I can start my life?" This is such a BIG statement. What it says is that you feel stuck and unable to move forward until you get that little piece of paper in the mail stating that you are now a single woman. … [Read more...]

I Don’t Miss Him …. I Miss Who I Thought He Was

That might sound silly. You might think you miss him. You might think I’m totally crazy right now because that makes no sense. You’re hurting because you miss him. Everything you knew, felt, loved and did was about him. You might be wondering how the man you love so much could … [Read more...]

BS FACTS about divorce

There are quite a few misconceptions about divorce that are widely believed by most people. Many of these so called "facts about divorce" are simply not true. Not every divorce is the same. As a matter of fact, no two divorces are the same. There may be similarities, but each … [Read more...]