Break Free From Emotional Chains

Here in the United States we are about to observe Independence Day. It is a time to reflect on our freedom as we celebrate with fireworks and barbeques. Claim your personal freedom by breaking free from the emotional chains that you are bound to. Choose to view your divorce as a gateway to … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Remain Sane During Divorce

You can remain sane during divorce! For whatever reason some men choose to prolong the divorce proceedings. Reasons may include that the divorcing couple just cannot agree on how to split marital assets. Other reasons he may drag his feet is to make you feel disempowered and out of control. He may … [Read more...]

Top Five Emotional Effects of Divorce

Many women are not prepared for the emotional effects of divorce, especially if they are the one that initiated the separation and divorce. The so-called divorce support they receive from meaningful family and friends often wind up being an “ex” bashing session, which makes her feel worse about … [Read more...]