10 Tips For Successful Online Dating

10 tips online dating 300x204 10 Tips For Successful Online DatingMany women choose online dating services when they decide to begin dating after divorce. It is one of the easiest ways to meet men as long as you stay safe and follow these 10 tips for successful online dating.

1.    Use Free Email Account
Use a separate free email account for dating purposes. You will meet many great men and will more than likely come across a few undesirables. If someone continues to email you, it is much easier to change your email address without having to notify all of your family and friends.

2.    Be Honest
Be as honest as possible on your online dating profile whether you are looking for your soul mate or just want to have a good time.  You want to give prospective dates a true and accurate picture of who you are regarding your beliefs, morals and interests.

3.    Don’t Tell All
Keep your personal life personal until you get to know the person well. Do not indulge the names of your children, your address or your workplace. There is also no need to bash your ex online as it very often backfires on you and could ward off the good guys.

4.    Post Recent Photos
Post real pictures of you that are recent. Posting a picture of yourself that is five years old or 50 pounds lighter is false advertisement. You want to see a true picture of the man you are talking to, show him the same respect. Do not post pictures of you with your children. Your children’s pictures do not belong on online dating sites.

5.    Effective Communication
Keep in mind that everything you write online as well as every email or text you send is a form of communication. Your first email should be asking them questions about themselves and not a biography of you. It is always nice to compliment the person you are writing by saying you like their eyes or their smile.

6.    Be  Aware
Watch for signs that the man you are talking to may be married. Married men typically are very secretive, do not post their pictures publicly and may refuse to give out their phone number. If they do give out the number, they never answer the phone and only call during certain times. Their email messages may be sporadic and limited to certain times and days.

7.    Talk on Phone
Before agreeing to meet in person, it is always a good idea to talk on the phone. As a safety precaution, you should always get their phone number and call them at least once. During the conversation, you may want to ask him questions to see if the answer is the same as he put on his online dating profile.

8.    The First Date
Some of the best first dates is a coffee or breakfast. It gives you time to know whether or not you would like to get to know him better or if he has lied in his profile. If all is going well, you may choose to extend the date to last longer by taking a walk or going to a movie. If the two of you do not click, you will still have the rest of the day for yourself. Online dating does not mean that every date will be prince.

9.    Be Safe
Meet in a public place and provide your own transportation. Do not allow him to pick you up at your home. Before your first date, you should give all the information you have on him to a trusted friend, as well as where and what time you are meeting your date. This includes his profile name, email and phone number.  You could preplan a friend to be somewhere near or to call you at a specific time to make sure all is going well. The most important safety rule is to always trust your gut!

10.    Paid vs. Free Online Dating Services
Paid online dating services typically appeal to people who have specific needs/wants or are ready to establish permanent long-term relationships. Free online dating services may attract more undesirables, but with some weeding, you are just as likely to find a gem.

Dating after divorce can be daunting at times. These tips will help keep you safe and allow you to have fun, meet men and ultimately meet your soul mate if that is your goal.

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