Why Did He Leave Me?

This is such a sad state to be in. Many women got stuck in the "Why did he leave me" syndrome. The conversation in their head goes something like this: A million questions running through the mind *  "Why did he leave me? *  What did I do wrong? *  Why is he so selfish? *  What does … [Read more...]

Ex-Wife Pours Boiling Water Over Ex’s Head

This news story is a prime example of why it might be a bad idea to live with your ex .... On a Saturday night in November 2011 Jesua Tatad of Daly City, California was charged with torture due to allegedly pouring a full pan of boiling hot water over her ex's head while he slept. When he leaped … [Read more...]

10 Things for a Woman to do After Divorce

After divorce, many women find that they have plenty of time on their hands. They no longer have to look after the husband or abide by his wishes and concerns. She can do what and when she pleases. While it may seem energizing, it can also be confusing and scary. Here is a list of ten things a … [Read more...]