10 Things for a Woman to do After Divorce

After divorce, many women find that they have plenty of time on their hands. They no longer have to look after the husband or abide by his wishes and concerns. She can do what and when she pleases. While it may seem energizing, it can also be confusing and scary.

Here is a list of ten things a woman can do after divorce, but with a little brainstorming, you can think of hundreds of things to do and try.

1. Get a new hairstyle. A new hairstyle reinvents your look and changes the way you see yourself. Try a new daring style that you have always wanted. Look through magazines, find hairstyles that you really like, and take them to your stylist. Ask your hairstylist what type of hairstyles will fit the shape of your face and your hair texture. Another fun thing to do after divorce is to get a new haircut and challenge yourself to wear a different style each day.

2. Get a spa treatment. A day of pampering is good for your body, heart and soul. Go with a good friend and make it a day all about fun. Do not talk about anything negative, just be positive, tell jokes and relax!

3. Have a makeover. For a more pleasurable day, take along a friend or two. If you have older daughters, it could also be a way to bond with them after divorce. Your options are to go to a single place that offers a makeover or several. For instance, you can hit a high-end store that will show you the best make-up and colors for your skin tone. Next, hit up the clothing department and tell the sales clerk that you have x amount of dollars to spend and want a new fashionable wardrobe.

4. Buy yourself a gift. You deserve it! This could be a personal or household item. For example, you may choose a wild new bedspread, a music box or a piece of jewelry. Many women choose to purchase something that their ex would have disapproved.

5. Join a group. There are tons of different kinds of groups, find one that fits your interests. Types of groups include hiking, crafts, fitness, walking, speaking, community service and book clubs. There are also tons of meet-up groups online. Join the group to find yourself, meet new people and have fun. Do not be too anxious to find another man.

6. Take up a new sport. Have you ever wanted to play tennis or play on a ladies softball team? Now is your chance. It is a great way to meet new friends after divorce.

7. Treat yourself to a night out. Take yourself out. Go to a play, the movies, a nice restaurant or just rent a limousine and tour the town.

8. Try something daring. After divorce, Do something that gives you a major adrenalin rush, such as jumping out of a plane, going hang gliding, wind surfing, bungee jumping or zip-lining. Other ideas include rock climbing or river rafting. You could also try out for a reality show.

9. Cook new and exotic foods. Find out what type of foods you really like. Go to different restaurants to try a variety of foods from different cultures, then find a recipe for them and try to duplicate.

10. Have a sleep over. You could even call it an after divorce party. Invite all of your friends over for the evening. Play some movies, tell stories and play games as you did at slumber parties when you were a teen.

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  1. I am not yet divorced but have been separated from my husband for 2yrs. Because of guilt, shame, and concern for my future-financial and emotional, I have been overwhelmed with “what-ifs” unable to move in any positive direction. Cindy had helped me deal with the overwhelming emotions and focus on the present moment. I have alot of work to do, but her inspiration, motivation, and ability to see the “real me” has reignited my passion to live my life on my terms.

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