Let Go of the Past and Live in the Present!

Many women often wonder how to let go of the past and to live in the present.

Your mind does not know the difference between reality and fiction. It does not know the difference between the past, the present and the future. All it knows is what you are telling it at any given moment through the thoughts that you have.

When you think of the past, your mind is reliving the past. Likewise, when you think of the future, your mind thinks it is happening right now. You can think good, bad or neutral thoughts about the past, present and future.

Your thoughts determine your feelings and your moods. Bad thoughts make you feel bad and emit negative energy while a good thought makes you feel good and releases positive energy. You may have heard that negativity breeds negativity, but know that the opposite is also true, positivity breeds positivity.

You have the power to change your conscious thoughts at anytime. Your subconscious thoughts will follow your conscious thoughts. To put it simply, if you want to feel better, start thinking happier thoughts.

Now, consider that you are thinking about the past. You are thinking of how rotten your ex is, how miserable he made your life, of opportunities lost and maybe even of loved ones that have departed Earth. Because your mind cannot differentiate between past, present and future, it takes every thought that you have as something happening right now. Therefore, when you are dwelling on the past, your mind will produce the pain, sadness and tears just as it was happening all over again. You already lived through all the pain the first time, why would you want to live through it again?

The same holds true if you are trying to rewrite your past with “If only’s” and “what if’s” or by constantly asking “why?”

Let go of the past and live for today!

To let go of the past you can do one of two things:

  1. Concentrate on happier thoughts of the past
  2. Concentrate on the GOOD that is around you right this second

Just as thinking about things that made you sad in the past will make you sad now, if you think of happier times; it will make you happy now. While, this might be good for a short-term boost of happiness and energy, it will not propel you into creating the life that you desire.

Let’s say you are thinking about the future. You are doing one of two things. You are either daydreaming about the life you want to have or you are worrying about what might happen. When you worry, you are mentally rehearsing what you DO NOT want to happen. If you stop and think about it, you will probably agree, that this makes no sense what so ever.

It is important to know and to BELIEVE that whatever you daydream about – your dream life – can become your reality. When you dream about your future, think about what you can do in the present moment that will point you in that direction.

To live in the present moment you utilize all five of your senses:

  1. What do you see?
  2. What do you hear?
  3. What do you feel? (Physically and mentally)
  4. What do you smell?
  5. What do you taste?

When you live in the present moment, you will more than likely feel more peaceful and calm. This helps to reduce the stress in your life. It also clears your mind to make better decisions for your current situation to help you create the life of your dreams.

Remember your mind does not conceive time. It does not distinguish between the past, the present and the future. As far as your mind is concerned, every thought you have is in the present. Let go of the past – it is gone and you cannot change it. Create your life by visualizing the future you want. Live in the present and take action every day that will lead you one-step closer having the life of your dreams.

You and only you can choose your thoughts. Choose to let go of the past. Choose to be happy in the present. Choose to take control of your life.



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