What does it take to CREATE your life?

Confidence ~ Responsibility ~ Enthusiasm ~ Action ~ Trust ~ Evolve

You have a choice and a say about your life!

When you hear that you have a choice, what does that mean to you?  I can tell you that I was 35 years old the first time that anyone ever told me that I had a choice in my life. It was a huge awakening for me.

You see you can either create your life to make it be one of your choice - a life where you feel in control and take responsibility for your responses.


You can believe that you have no control and give your power over to other people and circumstances. If you are on this side of the coin, then you more than likely are not experiencing much peace and happiness. You may have low self-confidence and are just waiting for your ship to come in.

The ship will not sail in. You need to CHOOSE TO LIVE and CREATE YOUR LIFE.

What’s it mean to choose to live?

When you choose to live you take over your own life and CREATE the life that you desire starting from this point forward. YES, it is possible to leave the past in the past and create a masterpiece out of your life!

Confidence ~ Take the time to find out who you are. Develop confidence in your gifts and talents. Developing confidence lies in your ability to utilize your passion for the good of others.

Responsibility ~ Be responsible for everything that happens in your life. You may not be able to control other people and circumstances, however you can control your reaction, your attitude and your thoughts.

Enthusiasm ~ Be enthusiastic about life and all the opportunities that surround you. Count your blessings every day. Find everything that is right about your life and your world and focus on them.

Action ~ Take action every day. This can be something as simple as holding the door open for someone to something more life changing like changing jobs or moving to a new city.

Trust ~ Trust in yourself. Trust that things will work there self out. Trust that there is a life after divorce out there for you and is just waiting for you to grab it. Let go of the notion that you must do everything.

Evolve ~ Be open to the fact that you are always evolving, always growing, always learning. Experiment with new things. Try to do something new and different every week.

It’s your choice. You can make the decision right this moment to take responsibility for your life and to create a life that is full of love, peace and happiness.

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