10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before My Divorce

There is nothing easy about a divorce. The decision to end your marriage, whether you or partner made it, is not easy. There are a few things most women wish they would’ve known before the divorce to help them along. Instead of learning some of the basics when it’s too late, … [Read more...]

Moving Forward After Separation and Divorce

Moving forward after separation can seem like a daunting task – even if you are the one that initiated it! After years of growing apart, Tammy decided to divorce Alan. They never spoke and Alan did not seem to care about their marriage enough to figure out how to meet Tammy’s … [Read more...]

Don’t Survive - THRIVE this Holiday Season

Around this time of year, I begin hearing women who have recently separated or divorced state that they are dreading the holiday season. Sandy, states that the holidays are lonely, because she is used to the large gatherings with her prior husbands kin and has no family of her … [Read more...]

Preparing for Divorce

Preparing for a divorce is never an easy undertaking. But, as with any other major life change, it’s best to be prepared. It is a given that the complicated process of divorce can cause extreme anxiety and emotional stress. Lawyers who are used to seeing people under these … [Read more...]

Why Didn’t He Love Me Enough?

During and after a divorce many women ask the question, “Why didn’t he love me enough?” This question is asked regardless if you left him or he left you. It is one of the “Why’s” that can continually haunt one’s soul. Once you ask yourself this question, your mind begins to … [Read more...]