Ask Cindy: How Do I Get Through My First Valentine’s Day Without Him?

This is my first Valentine’s Day after my divorce and I am dreading it. My ex used to always plan special things for us to do and now all I am expecting is to sit at home and cry. Do you have any suggestions on what I might do?  ~Alba in Missouri


The first year after a breakup tends to be the hardest with all the firsts - the first Christmas, anniversary, birthday and even Valentine’s day.

Instead of brooding over the past, choose to make new Valentine’s Day traditions. Some examples of what you might do:

1. Go out with other single friends. Everyone needs a girl’s night!

2. Have a date with your children - regardless of their age! If you don’t have children but think that spending time with a child would brighten your day then offer to babysit a relative or friends child. I am sure they wouldn’t mind.

3. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. There is nothing better than doing for others to warm the heart.

4. Visit a hospital or nursing home and take them small gifts, like a small heart sachet. I am sure they would really enjoy the company. (Check with the facility first.)

5. Treat yourself to a spa day with a mani-pedi, facial and massage. If you can’t afford a spa day out you could do an “at home” spa day. If you have a daughter or niece this would be a fun activity to do with her.

6. Buy yourself a sexy teddy, put it on and eat chocolate strawberries while indulging in your favorite chick-flick. (The sexy teddy is for you to feel beautiful and good about yourself - nothing else.)

7. Have a singles only Valentine’s Day party and invite all of your single friends and tell them to bring a single friend - both male and female.

You can also check out my blog post, 7 Ways a Divorced Woman can Celebrate Valentine’s Day, for a few more ideas.

Regardless of what you do, it should be about what you want. Do something that will make you feel good. Love yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!


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