3 Ways a Great Divorce Attorney Makes Your Divorce Easier

Getting a divorce is one of the most stressful experiences that you can go through. Often times, your emotions are running high and you are not thinking as clearly as you usually do. Sadly, many people rush into hiring a divorce attorney based on a friend’s recommendation which turns out to be a major mistake, both financially and emotionally.

To make the divorce process easier for you and everyone involved, it is important to find a great divorce attorney. A great divorce attorney is one that matches your personality, is a good communicator and offers resources, all in an effort to help you get the best possible settlement with as little stress as possible.

Here are three ways a great divorce attorney can make your divorce easier:

1. A great divorce attorney works with you. She understands the outcome you are seeking and works fervently in order to achieve it. She communicates effectively with you in regards to what you can expect during your divorce. She knows the law and how it will affect your personal situation. She returns your calls in a timely manner and is sure to answer all of your questions.

A great divorce attorney explains all costs up front so that you are not shocked when you receive a bill, and will let you know what you can do to save money, such as gathering your own financial documents. Most of all she is efficient and will be sure that all of the necessary motions are filed timely so that your divorce does not drag on.

2. A great divorce attorney will be a fantastic negotiator and be able to communicate effectively with your spouse’s divorce attorney as well as other legal professionals. His focus will be on you getting what you want and will not turn your divorce into a vicious battle.

It’s vital that you resist any and all urges to text or call your ex and lash out at him. Trust your divorce attorney to settle out of court. Do not demand your day in court in an attempt to get revenge or have your story heard by the judge.

For the most part, the courts do not care about your “story.” However, they do care if your spouse is hiding assets or spreading vicious lies about you in order to turn the cards in their favor. It’s important that you let your divorce attorney know what is going on and allow him to do the talking. People are rarely satisfied with a judge’s ruling and it often winds up costing you thousands of dollars, unnecessary time, and more heartache.

3. A great divorce attorney readily has resources to assist you in having the most amiable divorce possible. She knows that she will be able to better serve you by concentrating on the legal aspect of the divorce, while allowing other professionals to help you in other areas - such as emotionally.

You are going through a major transition in your life and becoming suddenly single again and being a single mom can seem quite daunting. If you are constantly sharing your story with your divorce attorney and she sees that you could use help with sorting out your emotions and/or gaining clarity about what you want, she may refer you to a divorce coach or a counselor. If you own one or several homes, she might refer a real-estate appraiser/agent. If you have a lot of assets, a great divorce attorney might advise you to have a consultation with a Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CFDA) that will be able to inform you of how certain settlements will affect your financial future.

Ultimately, you are in charge of the outcome of your divorce. It can seem tough to make all of these decisions while you are emotionally distraught and it may be tempting to allow your divorce attorney to handle everything. This may be costly in the end. Let your divorce attorney do his job, and hire other professionals to do theirs. This is cost-effective and allows you to build a great divorce team that’s on your side.  It’s a well-known fact that keeping your cool and thinking rationally allows you to reach a settlement that is in the best interest of everyone involved.

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