Divorce Attorney-Tips: Howard Iken

What is the first thing a woman should do when she decides to ask for a divorce?

Make sure your plans are in place long before that moment. Make sure you have a copy of all household documents, get some credit cards in your name, and build up a financial war chest. The most important thing is to develop a “plan B” for your living arrangements. Always be able to answer the question of where you would live if you had to move.

What is the biggest mistake a woman makes when choosing an attorney?

Looking strictly at numbers is a huge mistake. The fact is that numbers are deceiving and can be manipulated. Also, making a decision based strictly on the opinion of a friend is a mistake. Remember the saying; One person’s meat is another person’s poison.

Who should consider a collaborative divorce?

Personally I am very doubtful on the benefits of collaborative divorce. I believe collaborative divorce is a “business system” that is operated to the benefit of a set group of collaborative partners. A more beneficial option would be to retain a settlement-oriented attorney that is willing to participate in a pre-filing mediation. The cost would be lower and the benefits would be tangible.

How do you handle couples that are involved in a high-conflict divorce?

We have to handle this sort of thing all the time. Many times the fires are fanned by attorneys on one side or another. A high conflict divorce definitely feels like it takes several years off my lifespan due to the stress, but sometimes you have to fight for what is right. That means I am always ready to jump into the fray.

What would you say to a woman that was insisting on having her day in court?

I would analyze the situation, bring common sense to the table, and then I would do whatever is needed to represent the goals of my client.

What advice would you give clients to get a divorce with the least possible conflict and pain for all of those involved?

As I mentioned before, I advise pre-filing mediation with a good mediator. When it works it is extremely beneficial.

What type of proof does a woman need if her husband is lying about her?

That is a huge question with many answers. There are many ways to prove up a lie.

How often do you see cases of Manimony?

Absolutely we do see these cases. It is not common but it does happen. The courts are supposed to have a blind eye toward justice. But like everything else, not everything works as intended.

What advice would you give a woman regarding social media and texting during the divorce process?

Don’t do it, stay off of it, and delete what you have. Social media and texting has absolutely no upside. I can only hurt you. So just don’t do it!

Is there any other advice you would like to give women who are just beginning the divorce process?

Take the time to educate yourself and gather the knowledge you need to make good decisions. In the end, you are the person that must live with all decisions.

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Is there anything else that you would like potential clients to know about you?

I am the managing attorney of a team of loyal and strong advocates for your rights. We concentrate the majority of our practice on divorce and custody law. We not only help people in your situation, but we truly look forward to the challenge!


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