Ask Cindy: How Do I Deal With the Anger?

I just went through a horrible divorce in which I had 2 lawyers and neither one of them protected my interest at all. I made more than my ex and they let him have it all, plus alimony. The only thing he did not get is the children. He didn't want them. I am having a hard time dealing with that … [Read more...]

How to Let Go of the Past

Are you afraid that if you let go of the past that you will lose control over your life? If you answered yes, you are not alone. You may be afraid that if you let go of the past, that your life will be in shambles. Many women feel that they need to control every aspect of their divorce and their … [Read more...]

Divorce Stories We Tell

There are many divorce stories we tell ourselves as well as others. We may reserve certain stories for our closest friends and may keep some of them to ourselves. When you think about your divorce, what stories automatically come to mind? What if you think of someone else's divorce? Chances are … [Read more...]

Divorce Anger: Poison to Your Soul

Divorce and anger go hand in hand. After all, the two of you are getting divorced because of communication problems and/or an affair. It is perfectly normal to get angry when people don’t act the way we think they should, or when things don’t go the way we want it to. It’s when you become consumed … [Read more...]

Preventing Loneliness When Kids Are Visiting Dad

Many divorced mom’s report massive feelings of loneliness while their kids are gone off visiting their father. Missing your children and being lonely are two completely different things. Don’t wallow around feeling sorry for yourself because you’re used to all the havoc and noise that comes along … [Read more...]

My Husbands Emotional Affair: The Pain Endured

His Emotional Affair took precedence over my feelings and my health. The anguish of an emotional affair can seem unbearable at times. This is my story. I woke up in a hospital bed, still drowsy from the anesthesia after having a complete hysterectomy. I was glad to be awake, as I was so ill that … [Read more...]

What is an Emotional Affair?

An emotional affair is an intimate connection between a man and a woman, where there is no sex involved. If one of them is in a relationship, they rationalize that they are not cheating, or doing anything wrong because there is no physical contact. They believe that they are just friends and cannot … [Read more...]

5 Strategies to Love Yourself and Gain Confidence

After her divorce, Paula felt very alone and did not have much confidence in herself. She had devoted her entire life to taking care of her husband, children and anyone else who happened along the way. She did not feel that she was worthy or contributing to the world unless she was giving others … [Read more...]

Break Free From Emotional Chains

Here in the United States we are about to observe Independence Day. It is a time to reflect on our freedom as we celebrate with fireworks and barbeques. Claim your personal freedom by breaking free from the emotional chains that you are bound to. Choose to view your divorce as a gateway to … [Read more...]

The Emotional Death of Your Marriage

Many women state that deep down they knew their marriage was over long before a separation and a divorce. They did not want to believe it and grasped at everything and anything they could to save their marriage. Long before the words of divorce were spoken, you may have experienced one or more of … [Read more...]