My Divorce Story …

  At age 38, I gained the courage to leave a 20-year verbally abusive marriage. Leaving Earl was the most frightening experience of my life. I got married to him right out of high-school and had never lived on my own. I knew that it was up to me to nurture and raise … [Read more...]

The Number One Myth about Your Divorce Recovery

There is a recovery process when you go through a divorce. Some experts have stated that a divorce is the most stressful period of a woman's life - even more stressful than death. When you go through a divorce it seems that the advice most people give you is the number one myth … [Read more...]

Helping Your Children Cope With Divorce

Divorce has a significant effect on children.  In a Laumann-Billings and Emery report in 2000, young adults in their early 20s would still suffer the effects of their parents’ separation, even after 10+ years.  But helping your kids cope with divorce early on could lessen the … [Read more...]

Top Five Reasons People Cheat

Cheating is a lot more common than anyone in a committed relationship cares to think about. Everyone who cheats has his or her own reasons, but these are the most common reasons in no particular order. It’s easy to tell someone to leave the relationship rather than cheat, however … [Read more...]