He Is Who He Is …. Accept It!

Little Christy sits waiting for daddy to come. She has glorious plans for the week-end and is so excited about seeing him. Her bags are packed sitting by the door. She keeps looking out the window in anticipation. As nighttime approaches, she begins to cry, “Daddy’s not coming.” … [Read more...]

He’s Spreading Lies about Me

One of the statements I often hear from women is that their former spouse constantly tells lies, either about their circumstances or about the woman herself. They ask, “What can I do about all the lies he is telling?” Let’s face it, some men are just angry and full of … [Read more...]

3 Ways a Great Divorce Attorney Makes Your Divorce Easier

Getting a divorce is one of the most stressful experiences that you can go through. Often times, your emotions are running high and you are not thinking as clearly as you usually do. Sadly, many people rush into hiring a divorce attorney based on a friend’s recommendation which … [Read more...]