What is Preventing You from Moving Forward???

There is so much pain, confusion and anger before, during and after a divorce. Both marriage and divorce are transitions in your life. Marriage brings hope of a happily ever after, while divorce brings visions of a dark, lonely, gloomy future. With a divorce, we often feel like … [Read more...]

Ask Cindy: I Know I Shouldn’t be Behaving Like This …

I miss my ex so much, although he has long since moved on and got married recently. We just got our divorce papers in April this year and he immediately registered for marriage in May. I miss my marriage, someone to snuggle close with, especially in the middle of the night when I … [Read more...]

She is Living My Life

Often times when a woman has been left for another, she feels as if the other woman has taken over her life. She might say things like: She is living my life. She is sleeping with my husband. She is living in my house. If this sounds like you, let’s explore what lies … [Read more...]

I wasted years of my life on that man!

So often woman believe that they have wasted years of their life with their former spouse. You might feel as if it was all a Lie. You might believe that nothing came out of it. You might be angry at yourself with the thought, “I wasted the best years of my life on that … [Read more...]