Ask Cindy: How Can I Talk to My Ex?

Ask Cindy: How Can I Talk to My Ex?

I have a question. I recently remarried and my ex husband is upset that our children are calling him Daddy Tommy. My ex said I am doing it on purpose and that I am an awful person. Our daughter is 5 and our son is 3. Our daughter came to me and asked if she could call my husband … [Read more...]

Ask Cindy: What’s Wrong With Me?

I am a woman in my 40′s. I have been divorced for almost a year. Although my husband was verbally and physically abusive to me and our children and had numerous affairs during our marriage, I still love him. You probably think I'm crazy, but I miss him so much and would give … [Read more...]

Rejection and Betrayal: How Could He Do This To Me???

I will never forget the very first time that Earl betrayed my trust. I thought I was going to die. My world literally fell apart. It was as if I became a different person, one that I didn't know. Feelings of rejection and betrayal can almost seem unbearable. It's as if all of the … [Read more...]